Due to recent changes to the way we add music to the website, many of these songs are now "Binders." This means each file contains every section's peice of music, as well as a score that has all of the parts in one peice. In order to print these files, please click the name of the song, and then locate your music in the Binder. After you have found your music, press "Ctrl+p" on PC or "Apple+p" on Mac, and then input the page number of your music and click print. This should print only the pages you specify. (Printing the entire Binder is also an option if you'd like to avoid all the clicking)

Fight Song Drumline Grooves Everybody Talks
Halftime I'm Glad You Came Warmup Music
More Mr. Saxobeat Star Spangled Banner
Payphone Starships Work Hard, Play Hard